ERA is an unincorporated body of which membership is open to all residents in Eastbury. The primary objectives of the Association are to further the common interests of members as local residents, to safeguard the residential character of Eastbury and to preserve or improve local amenities. ERA shares matters of common concern with neighbouring residents’ associations, Three Rivers District Council (TRDC), Hertfordshire County Council, consultative committees and other organisations. The current annual subscription is £26 per household. Click here to view the rules of the Association.

To enquire about Membership please contact us.

Membership area

All roads bounded by the Herts / Middlesex county boundary to the south, Kewferry Road to the west, Moor Park estate and Sandy Lodge Golf course to the north, Watford Road/Sandy Lane to the east including The Woods & Oxhey Drive. The area under the control of HM Forces is excluded. To view a detailed map of the Eastbury area click here.

Executive Committee

This is a body of up to 12 local resident volunteers who are elected annually at the AGM or may be co-opted during the year if there are vacancies. Meetings are held 8 times a year and sometimes the locally elected TRDC Councillors and County Councillor attend for a mutual exchange of views, information and support. The collection of membership subscriptions and the delivery of newsletters is handled by volunteer Road Stewards. Other volunteers provide assistance in administering the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

2 Replies to “About”

  1. As mentioned in the AGM of 28/06/18, I wish to record the views of the Eastbury Residents Flood Alleviation Group (ERFAG) that any development proposed for the recreation area/tennis courts must take full cognizance of drainage issues and must not increase the run-off that flows to existing street drains as these may presently be below normal design standards. The flood of 23 June 2016 while severely impacting many residents of St Mary’s Ave also impacted homes in other streets. 24 homes in total within the Eastbury area were affected. ERFAG has been working with, and continues to work with, all relevant authorities to try to ensure that another flood does not occur in what is now designated as a high risk zone. We have succeeded in having a lot of overdue maintenance carried out to the existing drainage network. By sitting on the ERA Committee I hope to provide the necessary link with ERFAG to ensure that a full understanding of local drainage issues is included in any development proposals.

  2. Please explain how ERA can fulfil it’s objetives to “further the common interests of members as local residents, to safeguard the residential character of Eastbury and to preserve or improve local amenities” in relation to the proposed Heathrow flight path changes which I feel if goes ahead will significantly reduce the residential character of Eastbury specifically the relatively clean air, peace and tranquility of the area.

    Is this something ERA plan on building community consensus and objection to?

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