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District Councillor Numbers

Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking local people how many councillors they think should represent Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) in the future. This is the first part of an electoral review which will also consider changes to the number, names and boundaries of all the council’s wards. The Commission has considered evidence submitted by TRDC and is now consulting local people on a proposal that would see the number of councillors reduced from 48 to 39. The Commission wants to know if we think 39 is the right number or if we think that there should be more or fewer.

The current phase of consultation closes 3 September 2012. Once the evidence provided by local people and organisations has been considered, the Commission will take a provisional decision on council size and then begin a public consultation on the ward boundaries.

For further information on the proposal, guidance on what sort of information the Commission is looking for and how to have your say, click here. The Association’s Committee are considering the proposals and would welcome residents’ views by e-mail to: