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Hertfordshire County Council Electoral Review

The final recommendations of the Local Government Boundary Commission’s review of the county division boundaries were published on 12 May. Most of our Association’s area will be included in the new South Oxhey & Eastbury Division whilst residents who live west of the metropolitan railway line will remain with Moor Park and Oxhey Hall and join Rickmansworth in the county division to be named Rickmansworth East & Oxhey Park. Whilst appreciating the strength of feeling in the area that the proposal to split most of Eastbury from Moor Park did not reflect community identities, the Commission did not receive any submissions which ,in their opinion, contained a viable alternative and were not persuaded to depart from their draft recommendations. The new Divisions will come into effect in 2017 when the next County Council elections take place. 

To read the final recommendations visit the Commission's website at