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Dear Neighbours,

Let me first start by apologising for the limited communication over the past 6 months – having a baby takes more out of you than I ever envisaged!

Our last Drinks and Nibbles event for the over 50s was a hit and we plan to have another at the Gate in Northwood on 12th January 2019 (3-6pm) to shake away the Christmas Blues. Tickets will be £15 each and can be purchased in advance by contacting Ash or Liz at

Please note Saturday afternoon, 12 January 2019 in your diary. Whislt we are fully aware Christmas is still a whole month away, we also know how busy people get at this time of year and before you can say “bob’s your uncle” 2019 will be upon us. We therefore thought what better way to begin 2019 with a bang than another event for the over 50s in the local neighbourhood. If you have not heard about us please visit our website at to find out more and contact us so I can tell you more. is a platform to meet neighbours, make some new friends and have an afternoon out.

We have had some lovely emails and we haven’t responded to each and every one so thank you again for you kind and continued support. Once again i would like to reiterate we are a non profit organisation and are doing this because we know how hard it can be to meet new people in social settings. This forum makes it so easy and we want to bring back Unity in the Community (cheesy but true!).

We look forward to seeing you all soon

Ash & Liz

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