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Parking Restrictions: Westbury Road

Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) has given notice of proposed parking restrictions in various roads in Three Rivers, including Westbury Road, following consultation with the police and complaints and requests from councillors and residents. TRDC invites comments on, or objections to, introducing “no waiting at any time” restrictions in Westbury Road from the viaduct to and around its junction with Bourne End Road. The reasons for this proposal are that parking in this area causes an obstruction and the restrictions are therefore proposed to facilitate the passage of vehicles.

Formal objections to the proposals, stating the grounds upon which they are made and the name and full address of the person making the objection should be in writing to the Director of Community and Environmental Services at TRDC's offices or via email to before 9 January 2015. Comments in support of the proposals will also be received during this time. Full details can be found on TRDC's website by clicking here.